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Temples of Angkor

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Angkor’s rich cultural history makes it the perfect destination for some spiritual devotion. As the capital city of the Khmer Empire from 9th  century to 15th century, the ancient city today is a source of inspiration for travelers and photographers. An Angkor tour and an Angkor tour guide are must-have to provide the perfect introduction of all the major attractions of the city to the crowds of visitors. Boasting some of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia, travelers can also explore the city and its monuments with an Angkor travel guide to keep themselves well-informed about the destinations they plan to discover, which also makes their overall experience more meaningful.



Countless temples have been popping up in the region as tributes to different Gods, making the city a tourist magnet as well as a popular archaeological site; more than two million people visit Angkor a year to get a glimpse of these splendid ruins, which automatically brings a demand for a fun and informative Angkor tour and an Angkor tour guide to help elevate the experience. The area has more than a 1000 temples and while it’s not possible to see all of them in one visit, there are a few that must be seen by all travellers.



Angkor Wat 

Angkor Wat , Ta Prohm and Bayon Temple  are three major temples that are extremely popular among visitors. Also known as the largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat Siem Reap is definitely the most famous of all the Angkor temples and is considered an architectural gem that was built in the 12th century as a tribute to the Hindu god Vishnu. The monument is spectacular with its various Hindu and Buddhist iconography; it proudly displays intricate carvings on the structures which will definitely bring out the all visitors’ inner photographer. The outer wall stretches for 3.6km and the sides of the Angkor Wat Siem Reap are beautifully decorated with detailed bas-reliefs that displays iconic Hindu mythical stories. With an Angkor Tour, you will be able to discover the rich history of Angkor Wat siem reap along with quiet hidden spots in the area which will allow you to catch your breath, away from the crowd. If you don’t wish to be a part of an Angkor tour, there are also other alternatives available, such as the Angkor travel guide. With the assistance of an Angkor travel guide, you can also discover the courtyards, chambers, galleries and other spots that elevate the beauty of Angkor Wat, Siem reap.



Ta Prohm

A favourite among many is Ta Prohm Siem Reap. Discovered in the 19th century, this photogenic temple features a large fig trees that are attached to the monument. The entire greenery surrounding the temple has been marked as the distinctive feature for this popular spot. A fun fact about Ta Prohm Siem Reap is that this temple has been used as a set for the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001), and by giving the spot its much deserved media exposure, the temple has seen an increase in the masses of people that visit every year. While presently it’s swallowed up by greenery, Ta Prohm Siem Reap was however, home to more than 12,000 people in the past.



To know the countless stories about the temple that will interest everyone, especially history-enthusiasts, it is recommended that all visitors be a part of an Angkor tour and get an Angkor tour guide to thoroughly enjoy the trip to Ta Prohm Siem Reap. With the right Angkor travel guide, you can discover the all vantage points along with fun facts and figures about each monument. You can also find out the best time to arrive at the temple according to your interests. For example, if you desire seclusion and awe-inspiring views, it is recommended travelers visit the temple at dawn.




temple of angkor






Bayon Temple

Last, but certainly not the least, is the Bayon Temple siem reap. While not as large as the grand Angkor Wat , Bayon Temple has established its own magnificence with its unique and memorable architecture. Situated in the center of the ancient city, Bayon Temple  is known as the ‘face temple’ as the monument is adorned with over 200 massive smiling stone faces. With the exterior decorated with around 1.2km of bas-reliefs, Bayon Temple  easily becomes a crowd favorite and a must-visit site in city. Known to have been built by Jayavarman VII, the monument despite having only three levels, should be explored with an Angkor tour to enjoy and understand the experience as much as possible.


It is recommended that visitors arrive at the temple during afternoon for stunning views, seclusion and photo opportunities. To explore all the popular structures in the area, getting an Angkor tour guide would be the best option because exploring Bayon Temple Siem Reap involves lots of steep flights of stairs, secret passageways and narrow corridors. And not the mention, the temple still has an air of mystery to it and therefore an Angkor tour guide, with their wealth of information, can help you understand the cultural and historical significance of the spot.



The gloriousness of Angkor Wat Siem reap, Ta Prohm Siem reap and Bayon Temple Siem Reap should be an unforgettable experience and therefore, to get the most out of these visits, all travellers should definitely go for an Angkor tour. The Angkor tour has been designed to help travelers discover the 600 years of civilization of the Angkor temples. Consisting of experienced professionals and a variety of tour packages that you can choose from, the Angkor tour can be arranged to provide the services and answers you need. From sightseeing excursions to learning about the history of all the monuments, tours are the ideal method to elevate the experience of your adventure.



Visitors can also opt for Angkor travel guide instead of an Angkor tour, which can easily provide you the necessary information, including where to eat, where to stay, where to go etc. An Angkor travel guide will also contain photos, activities, maps and travel tips, all of which are necessary to make your journey easy.



To conclude, these beautiful ruins embody Cambodia’s art, culture and history, making the famed Angkor temples a recommended destination in every traveler’s bucket list.




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