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Sculptures Exhibition by Cyril Berthet

From March 2024 to May 2024, discover a unique exhibition by Cyril Berthet, a french artist living in Cambodia.

Cyril Berthet is a French sculptor who was born in 1974 in the Lyon region and has been based in Cambodia since 2018.

Twenty years ago, with a friend, he began the art of sculpture, mainly in metal. Then he discovered the forms he loved through the artworks of Henri Laurens, Louise Bourgeois, Vladimir Zbynovsky, Nicolas Lavarenne, David Nash, Constantin Brâncuși and Andy Goldsworthy.

The different creative periods of his career were highly influenced through his discoveries of nature in all its form. This inspiration gradually found its way into the materials and development of his art.

When he arrived in Cambodia he became involved with plants and garden design. His eye was enriched by the environment and led him to design outdoor spaces and the concept of plant walls. He returned to sculpture, impressed by what he saw in this lush country, with its curved lines, voluptuous shapes, raw materials, particularly birds, stone and wood…


L’envol bleu is an illustration of a moment as important as it is strategic moment to become independent. It’s a new beginning, a force that pushes us “upwards”. This new horizon gives hope and encourages those who gain this new status to look to the future, to create their own future, to reinvent themselves. Blue symbolises the sky, peace and quiet, and is conducive to daydreaming. In the collective unconscious, blue is also the colour of water, an element inseparable from our lives and those of most living beings.

Water is also so present in Cambodia and is linked to the Khmer culture that we celebrate every year in November during the “Bonyaomtouk” water festival. បុណ្យអុំទូក.



Similar to a ship levitating in space or a remnant of a galleon found at the bottom of the ocean.

The Flying Galleon is an allegory of the encounter between worlds that seem to have nothing in common. The juxtaposition between the shape of plants and metal can be made possible only with the help of water and air uniting the two uncommon objects together.

The different varieties of plants grow and multiply without the need for any substrate by absorbing humidity in the air. It’s what we can call an ‘Interdependent Cohabitation’.

These bizarre looking plants evoke lives below the surface such as corals and fish to take advantage of this very unusual habitat.

This particular cohabitation reminds us that our actions, even the simplest ones, always have an impact one way or another.

Socially, the connection between different worlds is often a source of inspirations and experiences that forge us throughout our lives. These exchanges are, for me, the richness of our humanity, we all have so much to share.

The symbiosis between different worlds exists everywhere around us, the greatest difficulty lies in the balance of the interactions between these worlds.



”Le Guetteur” illustrates asking questions in a calm, collected way, observing. He analyzes the situation in which he finds himself trying to think of solutions. He is calm, attentive and thoughtful.

Action requires thought, and different concepts are naturally attracting his attention…






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